About us


Hekla believes in building lasting constituencies of support for its clients.

Who we are

An independent strategic communications company with fresh ideas

Hekla is a strategic communications company helping clients to communicate effectively in a changing European political and media landscape.We specialise in public affairs and public relations campaigns.

We are a team of young professionals with international media and communications experience, operating on the front line of regulatory, corporate and special situations campaigns.

Our clients include leading businesses, trade associations and NGOs.

Our mission

To help clients achieve positive outcomes in a complex and changing world

Whether organisations want to build enterprise value, project their brand, or influence policy, they need to work harder-than-ever.

New technologies, online and social media channels, citizen activism and new geopolitical challenges have fragmented audiences. To communicate with impact and achieve positive outcomes organisations need fresh ideas.

Hekla has been created to help clients navigate this dynamic and competitive environment, maximise their impact, and achieve their objectives. We work to enhance your brand equity in everything that we do.

Where our name comes from

Hekla means cloak or veil in the ancient Norse language

Today, as-well-as a volcano in Iceland, several other cloud-covered summits in different parts of Europe still carry the name Hekla. These hills and mountains are evidence of Norse exploration and trade, as-well-as the lasting change that can be created by one community reaching out to others.

‘Hekla’ captures the internationalism, adaptability and sense-of-adventure of our growing team, as-well-as encapsulating the power of communication, storytelling and language.

Our approach

We activate support through insight, creativity, tradecraft and a human perspective

Hekla believes in building lasting and influential constituencies of support for our clients. In today’s fragmented media marketplace it is important to identify, nurture and activate external advocates for your brand, product or cause.

Creatively, we believe in the power of real stories, connecting causes to people’s everyday interests, emotions and experiences. Strategically, is important to us that campaigns are anchored in a rigorous understanding of the political context or business challenge.

Our campaigns champion thought-provoking storylines that give a trusted, compelling and influential voice in media and policy debates.