A broad range of expertise & experience

Our consultants provide strategic counsel and hands-on support to organisations in many different sectors.

  • Technology

    Technology is having a transformative effect on the way we live, work, shop and relax. Read more

  • Energy & environment

    The green economy is a strategic priority in Europe and globally. It is the favoured solution for balancing environmental protection with energy security and industrial competitiveness. Read more

  • Food, Fisheries & agriculture

    Food is not only a primary human need, but a highly symbolic part of European cultural and family life. Europe imports more agricultural and fisheries commodities that any other continent on earth. Read more

  • External relations & trade

    Post-Brexit, the European single market will remain the world’s largest trading bloc. Read more

  • Manufacturing & industry

    Manufacturing and industry are vital to the EU’s jobs and growth agenda, but face significant pressures in trying to modernise sustainably. Read more

  • Healthcare

    Challenges in Europe include the impact of ageing populations on health systems, the spread of chronic diseases and budget pressures resulting from the economic context. Read more

  • Financial services

    Financial services regulation has been at the forefront of EU decision-making for the best part of a decade, following the global financial crisis. Read more

  • Retail

    The retail landscape is changing. Physical shops increasingly need to be matched with online and mobile stores that provide a consistent consumer experience. Read more